Gear Profile: Morson

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Gear Profile: Morson

mAndré Morson, who skates for Team Canada Men's Roller Derby, has a name that starts with "an," which just needed the "m." Because that's just how things go sometimes.

mAndré the Magnificent plays for Slaughter Squad in Ottawa, having got his derby start with Pioneer Valley Roller Derby's Dirty Dozen. He also coaches the Capital City Derby Dolls' (CCDD) B travel team, the Dollinquents, and one of CCDD's house teams, the CupQuakes. He was also going to try out for Team Canada a few years ago; however, he got hit by a truck.



It's a good thing that kid knew how to take a hit because he got right back in the swing of things and he'll be representing CANADA. How's that for motivation the next time you wanna sit out a workout?

Before we dive in and see what makes mAndré GO, it's important to note that while some skaters are super chill about what they wear, this is not the case with Neon Skates' Sunday Staffer. Every detail matters.

Skates and plates

Semi-custom Bont hybrid carbon boots with Arius plates are this dood's set-up. The boots just fit him best. They are low profile and VERY light, an attribute shared by his plates. Arius plates for stability AND agility, which happen to be red and complement the white skates. Bad ass, no? Soft cushions in the back, and slightly stiffer ones in the front to help with all his jumping and juking. RX toe stops make hopping around the track a breeze: he wants to be nimble, but sticky, on his toes. The Arius plate also means that there is no fussing around. Once the magical set-up is achieved, he gets a consistent skate EVERY TIME by just changing out the cushions every six months or so.


He skates on three sets of wheels (nothing over 59 mm). Wait. Let's get that out of the brackets because it seems important: NOTHING OVER 59 mm.
  • Villains for slippery floors
  • Heartless 90/94 combo for those “in-between” floors
  • Reckless Evader 95 for the stickiest stuff, with the rather boisterous claim that they're his BFFs. (Misquote...he just said they were his favourites.) 


He uses Moto bearings pretty liberally, but he brags about having one set of ceramics and claims they're dreamy (he's probably right). Always smooth, low maintenance, so nice to have when it really matters. And did he mention they were smooth? Yes. To me. Like three times so I'm putting it in his profile.

Safety stuff

Sisu - colour: “was white”
Wrists: 187 Derby 
Elbows: 187 Slims
Knees: 187 Pro Derby (hey, maybe 187 should sponsor him or something)
Helmet: Bauer Hockey Helmet because he had trouble finding a skate helmet that fits properly due to big (oddly shaped)*** head
But most importantly, where gentlemanly matters are concerned:
Say YUP to the cup!
mAndré says YUP to the cup.
***Creative license


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