Ohai to Hello!

zOMG. It’s July and this store opened at the beginning of April. That means we’re almost four months into this crazy awesome journey…and the blog we swore we’d start when this got off the ground did what lots of blogs do: hung out in the background, waiting and judging.

JUDGE NO MORE, you overlooked project. Come out of the shadows and let people judge YOU. See how you like it.

*awkward pause while we consider appropriate segue to new topic*

Over the course of the next eternity or so, our goal will be to provide you with helpful information about skating. Whether you’re playing the crazy sport of roller derby, or just looking to tear up the mean streets in a pair of quads, determining what you need is challenging, especially if you can’t come and visit us. Figuring out size, style, protective gear, and how to look great while doing this is our job and we’re pretty awesome at it, if we do say so ourselves. Oh. And our LEGIONS of fans. *cough*

To get this done, we’re going to profile derby players, referees, and talk to people who’ve bought recreational skates. It’s our hope that you’ll be able to identify with these people to take some of the mystery out of the whole process. We’ll also discuss how to buy things that need to fit from far away, how to swap skate parts, and how to keep your stuff performing its very best.

In the meantime, keep sending us your questions so that we can steal your ideas for our blog. If you’re a player, send us your gear profile along with a super shot of you in action. That way, you’re the blogger and we can sit around drinking martinis. Also, if the pic is really awesome, there’s a very real chance we’ll photoshop our faces into your pic and take all of the credit.


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