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Neon Skates: Not Just an AMAZING Skate Shop

Also a great coffee shop. For reals, yo. Unless you like sugar in your coffee. No one who works here takes sugar in their coffee so that's out. So, bring your OWN sugar. Okay, we'll get some.

In addition to coffee, we do a whole bunch of other stuff.  Here's some of the lesser known fun that we love to help you with.

1. Skate rentals

Do you wanna just grab a friend you didn't make at practice and go for a skate? Do you want to spice up your dating profile by suggesting skating as a first date? Send that person to us. We can fit them with a pair of skates and we're flexible. We rent by the day, week, month...though after that, we would suggest investing in skates.

2. Skate maintenance

We sell all the magical elixirs you need to take care of your stuff, but some people just have other stuff to do. Theoretically, changing the oil in your car isn't that hard, but throwing money at it is easier. If you'd like to throw money at your gummy bearings, filthy wheels and flat cushions, we will take it. 

3. Skating lessons

We'll take you out on the mean streets and show you basic stuff to keep you on your feet and to minimize impact if your feet decide to do one thing while your butt dives for safety. NOTE: if you're a yoga instructor or run fitness classes or something, we do take services in kind. (CRA doesn't follow this blog, right?). Otherwise it's $20/hour for a one on one lesson + $10/hour for each additional skater.

4. Get what YOU want

When deciding what to stock the store with, we go with popular items, but for those of you who've stopped by, you know we're a little shop. As much as we'd love to have all of the things, we can't. BUT, that doesn't mean we can't get it. If you don't see what you want on our site, shoot us an email! We'd be happy to source anything!

5. Printing

We have a Chief Vinyl Officer on staff here at Neon and we're somewhat addicted to vinyl cutting. We'll happily print your name and number on your shirt for you. For just $10. We also carry reversible scrimmage tanks and we'll print your tanks for you upon purchase for a laughably low price. Maybe you want a neon pink pegacorn on your jeans. We'll do that too. Want a custom decal for your car?  Just let us know what you want.

6. Consignment

Getting new skates but ditching the old ones? We can sell them for you! 75% goes to you if you'd like store credit towards your next big skating investment.  If you want cold hard cash because you've got your eye on a new TV, you'll get 50%. We'll put your wares online to broaden their exposure. Cool?

7. Mounting

Buy the plate or boot from us, and we mount for free. If you buy the plate from Not Us but would like us to do the work, we will happily oblige for $25. Yay!

8. Restoration

Did a super old pair of skates land in your lap? Did you want to make them go? Bring them to us. There's no flat rate for this one because it depends on their condition and whether we can track down the parts needed to repair them, but estimates are free. 

9. Education

We hold clinics on a variety of topics related to skates, skating, and maintenance. See our Facebook page for more details. Our events are free because we're just totally in love with what we do and want to help you out with your gear and your overall experience.

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