STAFF PICKS for 2015

WE WANT STUFF TOO! Seriously. While we all LOVE helping you all, some of you are getting some really cool stuff so we wanted to take some time to tell you about the stuff WE WANT. And stuff we think you should have. Or stuff you should buy someone in case you're struggling. But hey, let's bring the focus back to US, the staff at Neon Skates. 

We've each compiled a list of things we'd like (you to buy us), and we thought we'd put it out there (so you can take care of it).

Dawn Cherry

She's first, cuz she owns the place and I'm afraid if I don't put her first, she's gonna be like, DON'T YOU KNOW WHO I AM? And so, here are Dawn's picks.


187 Derby Wrist

Much like my tiny feet, I have wee hands and I hate that most wrist guards make you feel you are wearing casts. The derby wrist is just enough protection without the bulk and I can actually tie my skates while wearing them.


Bones bearing puller

I'm Dawn Cherry and I'm a wheel addict. I actually carry a drill with me for F1 style wheel changes at games. Nothing bums me out more than how slow it can be to change bearings without the right tool. The bones bearing puller helps make it a breeze. Nothing gets passed around our locker room more.


Pivotstar Lazy Pants

I can't get enough of these pants. SO comfortable. SO stretchy. Great for lying around on a Sunday or wearing to a hip hop dance class and bustin' a move. (She means this cuz Dawn ACTUALLY takes a hip hop dance class.)


Luigino backpack

All the space I need plus a little more. I'm compact so I'd like my gear bag to be too. I'm especially fond of the outside pockets for skates because as much as I preach treating your skates like the precious unicorns they are, sometimes even I forget.


Chaya skates

This is my wish list so I'm going big. The new Chaya Pearl and Diamond boots aren't just new and exciting but they incredibly light and heat mouldable, like fully. For someone like me who needs a custom feel, you get that without the insane price. I'm also very pumped by the clip axles on the Shiva plate. No axle nuts, just a toggle clip? Whaaat? How will I spend all this new free time?



mAndré the Magnificent

mAndré is our resident dood. With dood derby getting all awesome, maybe there's a man in your life you're shopping for. Maybe this man's desires can heat your up holiday season...This vegan egg nog is making things weird. *putting it back in the fridge*


91a Reckless Evaders

I need a new set of wheels for the Norm Fenn Gym (for those of you non Ottawans, it's a dusty wooden floor). My current set of heartless wheels is well worn and the Evaders are my wheel of choice. They have a lip that makes juking and bouncing side to side super fun and quick!


New Arius cushions

 Over time, cushions tend to compress and I feel my wheels are a little squishy - something slightly harder will help keep my movements quick and precise! Dawn can order them for you if you share this passion. Or. You want to buy them for me.


Pivotstar Hoodie

I tried one on today and it is so COZY. As winter descends on Ottawa, some of the practice space can get quite chilly. I'm a fan of the zip-up hoodie. I am seriously thinking of getting one of these LTD Canadian Sleeveless Hoodies! (Author's note: also he also tried mine on and I have PHOTOGRAPHIC EVIDENCE. Actually, here it is. Badass, no?)


Rx Toe Stops

I still love these little gems. I am currently sporting a mismatched pair of stoppers, but I miss the nimbleness that these guys allow me on the track. 


A new SISU mouthguard

Mine was white. After 5 years, it might be time to replace it. This was the SINGLE BEST THING I ever bought for derby. Being able to communicate without choking/gagging/taking out my mouth guard like a goof while on the track, drink water, keep my mouthguard in all practice long, simple refit after having a cavity filled, the SISU has been through hell and back with me. 



Delicate Plower

Finally, there's my list of must haves. Given my once previously described painfully lengthy decision-making process, my list has been six months in the making.

Pivot Star Lazy Pants

I have a sleeveless black Pivotstar hoodie with a neon green star on it. I've had it for going on five years now. There are FINALLY MATCHING PANTS. It only took me five years to THINK about having an ENSEMBLE. Dawn's gonna look slammin' in the grey pants, and I'm gonna be jammin' in the black ones. Wait. I'm terrible at that...maybe I'm awesome in the pants. Magic powers.


S1 Helmet

So. I have this Nutcase helmet I've been wearing for years and it's starting to smell like like underwear you'd find in the lost and found. This smell will not go away and it makes my hair smell like underwear you'd find in the lost and found. Someone should get me an S1 cuz they're superbadass, super safe, and they come in colours!! But let's stick with neon green cuz there's an outfit to build.


Skate Leash

This is a thing! And people don't know about these and they should! Look at this.
I have this amazing pair of Moxi Hello Kitty skates. They're super fun for just being out and about in the summer and when I change into a pair of shoes, I don't wanna stuff them in a bag. I want errryone to SEE (covet) them. I need one of these. The loops hook around your front wheels, you sling your skates over your shoulder and you're like that beautiful retro picture of that pinupesque girl walking down Venice Beach, ready to go for a skate. 



Radar Backpack

My kingdom for this bag. Seriously. It's amazing. One came into the shop for someone and I almost walked out with it but then was like...crap. I'd have to move, join a new league under an assumed I just ordered it. (You can too!) My wish is about to come true, but I don't HAVE it yet so YOU need to see it. It's this clever rectangle that can pass for carry-on luggage. It holds your gear and then has a separate pocket for all the tools, wheels, sneakers (or if you're me, Birks) and you can travel with it ON YOUR BACK. I just...I just love it. And it'll look awesome with my Pivotstar


Riedell 195s

Now for the biggun. That's my PRECIOUS Riedell 195 and I have no words to describe what these skates mean to me. As a former short track speed skater, the low boot is familiar and the only real option for me. The leather took the shape of my foot, but the boot isn't a sock; it's sturdy and keeps me in line. I've been abusing them for five years and I would love a new IDENTICAL pair, right down to the luxurious sheep fur. 

So there you have it. Three people, three almost totally unique lists of wants. Maybe we should start with a staff Secret Santa, as in Dawn just buys me and mAndré stuff. Yeah? Yeah.

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