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Holiday Hangover


It's finally over. Yeah, there's still NYE to look forward to, but all the holiday stress is behind us. Unless you got plates and skates and they're not assembled. Or you got new cushions and you've never taken your trucks off by yourself before and you're freaking out. Relax, cuz we've got you totally covered. We're full service around here and even if you're out of town, we can figure something out for you. Just get in touch with us.

This might not work for those of you who didn't quite get what you needed or wanted. Before anything else, here's the link to our return/exchange policy:, though we do get into the nitty gritty below. 

Picking Presents

We, the staff at Neon Skates, had A LOT of input in the goodies you got. We tried to be as helpful as possible, but we ARE human and we may have got it wrong. We doubt it because we are perfection on wheels. *cough* Uh yeah. We did our best, but if it's a bad fit, the wrong thing altogether, or you have three of everything, here's what you gotta know.

Gift Cards

Wowee aren't you lucky, you got gift cards because your loved one was smart enough to know that you probably know best what your needs are.  Gift cards can be used like cash in store, but did you know you can also use them online?  Heck ya, pick your desired thingamajigs on our website and use the gift card code at checkout? 

In-Person Exchanges

We URGE you to get in touch with us ASAP if you need to make an exchange. That way, if we don't have what you want in stock, we can make sure it's here waiting for you when the time comes, resulting in only one trip. I mean, if you wanna come back twice, that's cool by us, but we are willing to make it as easy on you as you want it to be. Remember though, if you use it, you own it. Mkay?

Far Off Places Exchanges

Need a snail mail exchange? We're magical enough to take care of that too, so just fire us an email and we'll walk you through the process, which is pretty straight-forward but you'll need an authorization code from us. You can call too. 


We can take 'em in their unused and packaged selves. Got two new pairs of skates and you want to return the ones purchased here? Cool, just don't skate in 'em. 

Live in Thunder Bay? Drive on down. (Bad joke.) Holla at us and we'll get you all sorted out.

Fine Print

IF IT WAS A CUSTOM ORDER OR A CUSTOM ASSEMBLED PACKAGE, WE CANNOT PROCESS AN EXCHANGE OR A RETURN. We're sorry, but they were made 'specially for your needs and finding your double is outside our area of expertise. If something is wrong with your custom, we can sort it out, but otherwise, that's the risk of getting something made just for you. On the bright side: we do offer consignment services so we can use our reach to help you find your match.


Cool fact: we don't need a receipt. We use a lovely system to track all purchases made here so we can look up any purchase and help you out.

Like, Actually

We're here to help. We at Neon are also skaters. We get it. We know what "they just feel weird" means. We get "these just aren't going to work for me." And we also know how important it is to get what you need. It's not just something we say so you'll buy our stuff. We legit mean it. Even if you just need reassurance about something, let us know. Skates come in wider or narrower fits, wheels can be stickier or slicker, bearings can be basic or crazy fancy. If you have any questions brewing inside you, please ask. We may be all holidayed out, but we're never roller skated out. Or egg nogged out cuz that that stuff is so awesome. 

Contact Info

After all this call us, email us, blabbidy blah, here's how you actually do it.

Local: (613) 688-1269
Toll Free: 1 (855) 613-0092
Direct Chat:
Facebook Page:

Neon Skates
285 St Patrick Street
Ottawa, ON
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