Gear Profile: Falcon Punch

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Gear Profile: Falcon Punch

Photo Credit Joe Mac Photograpy


Skater Name: Falcon Punch
Team: Montreal New Skids on the Block
Position: Jammer

Who are you? Why are we featuring you on this extremely coveted blog?

I'm Falcon Punch, and you asked me if I minded talking about derby, and seeing as talking derby is one of my favourite things...and you sent me a bunch of questions to I am!

What skates work for you and why?

My new Chaya Pearl skates were really a revelation for me this year. It took me some time to mould them to perfection but it was soooo worth it! It makes them insanely reactive. To go with my Pearls, I chose the 20º Shiva plate that have the amazing Clip Release Axle system because 20º is what I'm used to, and it gives me a better grip and balance. I also like that I can easily move my plate forward or backward. Because of the Dual Center Mounting, it makes the whole adjustment process even more personalized. I also love when things are grippy so I use the soft cushions and I make them pretty loose to give my truck a lot of amplitude. I skate with Juice's Martinis (especially the Tango: 91A with an 80A core... grip, bounce, MAGIC) and Goblins (from the Alpha serie). They're tha bomb.

How do you take care of your head?

I love S1, I think everyone should be skating with certified multi-impact/high impact helmets, SERIOUSLY. It might not prevent all concussions, but it sure will help minimize them. The mouthguard is also important protective item regarding concussion (in case you didn't know, it doesn't just protect your teeth), Sisu makes really good and thin ones that pretty much everyone in roller derby is wearing. I gave up on buying a white one though...that's always a mistake.

Do you have practice gear and game gear?

Nooooo... (read like Consuela from Family Guy). I use the same stuff until it's so badly beaten it just gives up on me.

What pads do you use? Why do you like them?

I just got the new Scabs Derby Knee Pads (thanks to you guys!) and they are awesome!! Even better protection than my old Scabs, and so much smaller! I still haven't found the perfect elbow pads (not huge and able to dry under 3 days) so I've been using the Triple 8 for a while and I most recently bought the 187 Killer Pads Slim.

I'm also in love with my Steaks gear. Ever since I got them, I've felt safer and fiercer than ever before! "The lightweight material in the padding was designed for maximum absorption and dissipation of energy upon impact." That stuff is amazing. Steaks Pro Top protects my sternum and ribs, and my hipbones, coccyx and hips are covered by my custom compression shorts. Adieu Charley horse! So long cracked sternum... <3 Word has it that Neon will be carrying them soon!

How do you schlep your stuff around?

The most convenient bag ever: Mountain Equipment Coop's Duffle Bag. So great.

What's you favourite off skate work out?

Running from dinosaurs. Playing Frogger on the Décarie. Punching in a bag. Pulling a truck. Netflix marathon. Hotdog eating contest.

Why roller derby?

I actually started quite randomly (thank to my sister)...and before I knew it, I was spending all of my money on gear and derby trips. I haven't had a real vacation in five years and my body now makes weird clicky noises.

If you won the lottery tomorrow, would that result in you buying a bunch of new gear? If yeah, what's your DREAM set-up?

It would result me in DESIGNING THE PERFECT ELBOW PAD, THAT'S WHAT!! Hah! And have a room in my apartment to dry my gear, that isn't my bedroom.

What's the best thing you've learned from this crazy awesome sport we play?



Neon Skates would like to wish Falcon Punch and the rest of the Montreal New Skids on the Block good luck in their pursuit of the Hydra at playoffs Nov 4-6.  Catch it on 

*Photo Credit to Joe Mac

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