Beginners get Booty!

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Beginners get Booty!

At Neon Skates, we've got the gear that new skaters need to feel strong, protected and confident that they can learn this sport. We've long been known as a place for new skaters to come get kitted out and to ask all of those nagging questions like "What do we wear?", "Will I be the only one who can't skate?", "Am I crazy?". We love giving you all of the knowledge that we have and sharing the advice we wish we'd gotten when we first started. The greatest thing is when we get to see new skaters realize what their body is capable of.

Booty QuakeIn the interest of helping them make those discoveries quicker, we're proud to announce that along with any new Neon Skates Beginner Package, we're going to send new skaters home with a little booty! Booty Quake that is! Booty Quake is a number one name in derby fitness as Head Coach at Roller Derby Athletics. Her goal is always to make sure skaters have the foundation to be safe, strong and unstoppable. What's truly fantastic about her workouts is that they are all available online, really straightforward and can be done at home. Neon Skates' Dawn Cherry is a repeat customer of her programs and she'll be the first to tell you that they are effective.


Booty Quake's built a program exclusively for Neon Skates Fresh Meat Skaters to give them the boost they need to feel confident on their skates. The RDA 5x5 focuses on 5 moves for 5 days that will strengthen those skating muscles newbies don't even know they have. We want to give skaters all the tools they need to be the best skater they can be, and now, that includes stronger muscles! Plus, spending time with Booty Quake is pretty rad so that's a gift in itself.

Get the low down on how to get your exclusive program when you pick up one of the Neon Skates Beginner Packages, either in store or online. 




Happy Skating! 




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