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Your Skates After Injury Some of the greatest blog post inspirations come from your questions and this week, we're talking lower body injuries. Oh no, don't talk about injuries, no one wants to hear about that. Well, the reality is that most of Neon Skates' fans play a contact sport, and as with any sport, let alone one that involve hits, injuries can occur. Not talking about it doesn't make them go away and it certainly doesn't help us deal with them. The first and most important point we'll make about injuries is that you need to listen to your doctor...

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So you've read up on all of the options of boots and features and you've decided on the boot that you want. Now what?  Manufacturer's Sizing Guides Most manufacturers have their own sizing guidelines and the best place to start is their websites. The measurements can be as imprecise as converting your shoe size to a skate size and can be as precise as combining your length and width measurements. So check the manufacturer's site for their specific sizing requirements and if that is not your thing, call us, because it's for sure our thing. You can also check the...

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