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When adding up the costs of registering for fresh meat, investing in gear, and buying insurance, it can be tempting to cut corners where you can. Given league fees and insurance are kind of set in stone, gear is the one place you can save some cash. In our blog post, Money Will not Make you a Better Skater, we talked about not spending too much money on stuff that won't impact your player development. In this post, we're going to discuss the consequences of not spending enough. Fun fact: did you know that a consequence is just the result of an action...

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WTF is skate maintenance? You're fresh meat. You're looking at buying a skate package, or you've already bought one. There's this weird metal tool that comes with your skates that you're pretending isn't there because whatever. You're just supposed to put these things on and go, right? Eh...kinda. So, let's take a close look at your skates by showing you your skate's anatomy. Thanks fiveonfive for the graphic! Look at all that stuff. haven't skated before, so we don't need to get tied up with EVERY SINGLE PIECE and what to do with ALL OF THE THINGS. Believe it or not,...

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Those of you who’ve had the pleasure of shopping at Neon Skates in person have possibly witnessed Delicate Plower hiding all of the more expensive skates and plates from bright-eyed, eager beginners with the good fortune (punny, right?) of being able to shell out all of the monies on their first pair of skates.  Plower is often heard saying, “I’m the world’s worst salesperson. Don’t give this shop more money than you need to.” Uh…clearly the notion of capitalism escapes poor Plower. Except that she’s right. (As usual.) Bonnie Thunders would still be Bonnie Thunders in a pair of Riedell...

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