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So, you read Upgrading Your Skates and now we've got you curious. Let's get started by talking about replacing your plates.  Have a seat, you've got some reading to do! Why You Might Upgrade Your Plate 1. Your current set broke.2. Your freshie plates are begging you to pull the plug; they're bendy, twisty, and have a mind of their own between bouts of unconsciousness.3. You're giving your existing plates orders and they're talking back instead of doing as they're told.4. All your friends are doing it. Like skates, plates come in different shapes, materials, angles, actions, weights, and it...

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For most, aside from those lucky (read skilled and talented) teams that have made the WFTDA championships, it is the roller derby off season.  Some leagues take a break, some use it to bring in their Fresh Meat classes, but a lot of skaters begin thinking about how they did this season and what areas of their gear they feel need updating to improve their game next year.  Why now?  You're not necessarily even practicing.  Well, doing your research and making your choices now will mean that you have your new gear during the training season, and you can get...

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Also a great coffee shop. For reals, yo. Unless you like sugar in your coffee. No one who works here takes sugar in their coffee so that's out. So, bring your OWN sugar. Okay, we'll get some. In addition to coffee, we do a whole bunch of other stuff.  Here's some of the lesser known fun that we love to help you with. 1. Skate rentals Do you wanna just grab a friend you didn't make at practice and go for a skate? Do you want to spice up your dating profile by suggesting skating as a first date? Send...

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