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So, you go to a restaurant and order this super expensive cut of meat cooked to an internal temperature of perfect. And the waiter brings it to you and you're like, "Yeah, this is worth one week's pay." Instead of putting the steak in front of you, the waiter beckons you outside and puts your beautiful, perfect steak in the snow.Still want it? Or like, "Make me a new steak, you psycho! I worked all week to buy that Kobe beef filet mignon!"That steak is your skates, if you practiced in them for two hours AND LEFT THEM IN YOUR CAR...

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Also a great coffee shop. For reals, yo. Unless you like sugar in your coffee. No one who works here takes sugar in their coffee so that's out. So, bring your OWN sugar. Okay, we'll get some. In addition to coffee, we do a whole bunch of other stuff.  Here's some of the lesser known fun that we love to help you with. 1. Skate rentals Do you wanna just grab a friend you didn't make at practice and go for a skate? Do you want to spice up your dating profile by suggesting skating as a first date? Send...

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