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So, you go to a restaurant and order this super expensive cut of meat cooked to an internal temperature of perfect. And the waiter brings it to you and you're like, "Yeah, this is worth one week's pay." Instead of putting the steak in front of you, the waiter beckons you outside and puts your beautiful, perfect steak in the snow.Still want it? Or like, "Make me a new steak, you psycho! I worked all week to buy that Kobe beef filet mignon!"That steak is your skates, if you practiced in them for two hours AND LEFT THEM IN YOUR CAR...

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WTF is skate maintenance? You're fresh meat. You're looking at buying a skate package, or you've already bought one. There's this weird metal tool that comes with your skates that you're pretending isn't there because whatever. You're just supposed to put these things on and go, right? Eh...kinda. So, let's take a close look at your skates by showing you your skate's anatomy. Thanks fiveonfive for the graphic! Look at all that stuff. haven't skated before, so we don't need to get tied up with EVERY SINGLE PIECE and what to do with ALL OF THE THINGS. Believe it or not,...

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