Why Build a Neon Wishlist?

The holidays are here! And guess what's harder than changing a toe stop with a wristguard on? Why buying gifts for a derby player!  Derby players are smart, they know what they do and don't like, they take their sport seriously and they are a mystery to most of their loved ones.  So, we're ready to help!  Here's how the Neon Skates Wishlist can help:

1. Make a wishlist

It's pretty easy, you just need an account on our website, a hot chocolate and 10 minutes to peruse all of the fun things that Neon sells. Each product page has a "Add to Wishlist" link under the "Add to Cart" button.  You can choose the colour, size and model of whatever you want so that there's no guessing.

2.  Share it with all of your people

Once you feel you've sufficiently perused, you can send your people a link to your wishlist.  It's dynamic, which means that as you add or remove items, they will see the up to date list.  Want to shout it on the rooftops?  That's what Facebook and Twitter are for, there are options to share it there too.

3. Send them in to the store, email or have them call us

Send those poor clueless souls our way and we can pull up your wishlist in store.  There, we can help them choose the item on the list that best conveys their sentiment, whether it's "my love is as colourful as this skate leash" or "please do something about your gear smell". In all seriousness, we absolutely love helping parents, friends and significant others navigate the very murky waters of the derby and roller skate world. 

4. Contact us yourself

Don't see what you want on the website?  No problem, contact us and we should be able to get it in in time if you give us some notice, no harm in asking.  If you have special instructions for someone who's getting stuff for you, let us know, just send us an email or call.


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