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Private Skate Lessons

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Neon is happy to offer private skate lessons.  Typically these are offered outside of shop and class hours but special arrangements may be possible. Lessons can be conducted in the Neon Skates Studio or weather permitting we can do lessons outdoors.

The base rate for a private lesson is $45/hr.  Group lessons are available for additional cost per person and all ages are welcome in private lessons. Please add an item to your cart for each attendee.


Please indicate your first and second preferences for day and time of the week. Please note that timeframes during store hours will be limited to half of the studio space.  We recommend selecting a time where the whole studio can be used. 

For the full store schedule, see here

Neon Skates will contact you to confirm the lesson booking. All private lessons must be confirmed. Neon Skates will refund any bookings that cannot be scheduled.


For this class, you'll need a pair of roller skates or you will need to rent a pair from us for an additional $5/class.  It is highly recommended that you wear a helmet but it is only required for skaters under 18. Beginner skaters may also feel more at ease if they wear wrist guards and knee pads.  This will not make you uncool, we promise.


Please note all skaters will be required to sign a waiver. Any skaters under 18 will require a guardian sign for them and will be required to wear a certified helmet to participate.