Skates are what we do.

Ottawa, ON

It's not just lip service, or a gimmick. We are full time skate experts that spend our time staying on top of what's new in the ever changing world of roller skates. We travel to manufacturers and events to learn the science behind the marketing so you get the straight story and our honest opinion. We also make sure that these skate companies know how you feel about their products so you get more of what you love and less of what you don't.

We love skates and it shows in the way that we support our customers.  Whether you're in Ottawa or across the country, we want you to feel like we're your local derby shop. 

Neon Skates has a fantastic team comprised of Dawn Cherry, Delicate Plower, mAndré and Chris.  Together they are up to their eyeballs in expertise when it comes to skater gear.  Whether looking for roller derby quads, recreational roller skates or anything in between, we're here for you.

The shop is located at 285 St. Patrick Street in Ottawa, Ontario. Neon's qualified staff are always on hand to help you with your questions and to clear up all the unknowns that come with buying derby gear. In addition to selling tested roller skates and gear, Neon will also sell your used gear on consignment, print shirts for you, mount plates, fix troubled skates, and promote all the awesome local derby.  As for us, come in and say hi. Watch some derby on our kickass TV. Have a coffee.



Que nous sommes juste au coin de la rue ou à l'autre côté du pays, nous voulons vous donner le sentiment que nous sommes votre magasin de patins à roulettes locale.

Notre équipe n'est pas comparable.  Composé de Dawn Cherry, Delicate Plower, mAndré et Chris, ensemble nous avons une quantité énorme de connaissances. Peu importe si vous cherchez des patins à roulettes récréatifs ou de roller derby, nous partagerons notre expertise et ce que nous ne savons pas, nous rechercherons.

Notre magasin est situé à 285 Rue St Patrick à Ottawa. Nous voulons toujours répondre à vos questions, vendre de l'équipement de qualité, réparer des patins brisés ou assembler des nouvelles configurations.  Venez nous voir, regardez un match de derby sur notre télé en buvant un délicieux café.