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Fly Knee Pad

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The 187 Fly knee pads are popular for those skaters that want extra protection but don't want a lot of bulk getting in the way of their crossovers. They are designed for flexibility and comfort, and constructed of high strength ballistic nylon.  They have a sleeve construction so you can easily slide them on and off. 

You will love these if you want less pad but still a good amount of protection. If you have knee issues, you may want to invest in something a little bit more padded. 


The Fly Knee is a sleeve style pad and it pulls on. Because the 187 sizing measurement is done at the knee, if you have larger calf or thigh muscles, consider strongly sizing up.  One way to check this is to ensure that your calf circumference is also within the sizing chart range. They should be snug when you put them on.  If they go over the calf too easily, when they stretch, they may end up too big.

Measure around the knee:

  • XS: 10"-12"
  • S: 12"-14"
  • M: 14" - 16"
  • L: 15"-17"
  • XL: 17"-20"