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Avenger Magnesium

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Sure-Grip has designed a light-weight Double Action 45 degree plate! This plates gives you all of the maneuverability that you're looking for, without all of the extra weight. It is made out of magnesium and comes with standard DA45 trucks.

Axle: 8mm
Trucks: 10 degrees

Size and wheel base:

0 - 130mm
1 - 140mm
2 - 150mm
3- 160mm
4- 170mm
5- 180mm

Plates and Mounting

Got plate mounting questions or not sure how to get these beautiful new plates on your skates?

  • We can mount them, just add Plate Mounting to your cart and ship us your boots
  • Purchase any of our amazing boots and we'll mount them for you
  • Give us a call, we can give you great advice and help you find somewhere to get them mounted.