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Birthday Party (Rad Package) 8 - 10 ppl

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8-10 participants: $350/1 hour + (1 hour for cake & gifts) 

Colour themed party decorations (birthday person's favorite colour)
Rental roller skates for participants.
Roller skate instructor to provide guidance and supervision to participants.
*additional participants who don't require rentals (have their own skates or rollerblades) +$10/participant if additional to max group total  

For this party, we'll provide a pair of rental roller skates to participants. It is highly recommended that adult participants wear a helmet but it is only required for skaters under 18. Beginner skaters may also feel more at ease if they wear wrist guards and knee pads.  This will not make you uncool, we promise.  We'll require the shoe size of participants ahead of time to provide the appropriate skates.


Please note all skaters will be required to sign a waiver. Any skaters under 18 will require a guardian sign for them and will be required to wear a certified helmet to participate. Waivers can be sent electronically for parents to sign and child to provide at party.