Are you ready for a skate that's both awesome looking and great quality?  The Antik Breeze is a leather skate with a lot of great features, especially the extra ankle support and the Fuse plate (not shown).  These are a great skate choice for skaters that want something more long term. Add 187 Killer gear and S-one helmet protection and a few other goodies and you've got yourself a starter kit that's going to grow with you as a derby skater. Derby is a contact sport so we work very hard to ensure you get starter gear that's affordable without sacrificing your safety.

Looking to step up the protection for your knees and teeth?  No problem, switch out the knee pads and mouth guard in any beginner package to something more pro by also adding the Beginner Package Upgrade to your cart along with any adult beginner skate page.

Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery. For details and sizing information, please see the linked product pages.

Part Product Details/Sizing
Skate Antik Breeze (with Fuse) here
Helmet S-One Lifer Black Matte here
Wristguard 187 Killer Wrist here
Elbow Pad 187 Killer Elbow or 187 Slim Elbow here
Knee Pad 187 Killer Fly Knee or Smith Derby Knee here
Mouth Guard Fox 40 here

Le Breeze de Antik est un patin en cuire plus avancé qui vous donne du support extra pour la cheville. Avec la platine Fuse, c'est idéal comme investissement à long terme.

 Prière de compter 2-4 semaines pour la livraison. Pour de l'information concernant les détails et tailles des produits, verifier les leins dessous.

Equipement Produit Détails/Tailles
Patin Antik Breeze (avec Fuse) ici
Casque S-One Lifer Noir Mat ici
Guarde-poignet 187 Killer Wrist ici
Coudière 187 Killer Elbow ou 187 Slim ici
Genouillère 187 Killer Fly Knee ou Smith Derby Knee ici
Protège-dents Fox 40 ici

$575.00 CAD - $639.00 CAD