Reactor Pro

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The Reactor plate is made from ultra lightweight extruded aluminum with high polished trucks featuring urethane cushions, click adjustment, and metal ball pivots. These plates are made to perform at the highest level of Roller Derby, Jam Skating, Track Skating, or Artistic Skating. The Reactor accepts a toe plug or adjustable toe stop.

This is not a standard stock item so please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.


Typically they are sized to go with the full and half size of the same Riedell skate size. For example if you have a size 6.5 skate, you would use a size 6 plate.

Size Wheel Base (mm)
3 134
4 144
5 150
6 156
7 162
8 168
9 174
10 180
11 186

Plates and Mounting

Got plate mounting questions or not sure how to get these beautiful new plates on your skates?

  • We can mount them, just add Plate Mounting to your cart and ship us your boots
  • Purchase any of our amazing boots and we'll mount them for you
  • Give us a call, we can give you great advice and help you find somewhere to get them mounted.